Laundry. The Most Dread Necessary Evil. Perhaps in your younger days of apartment living you were fortunate enough to have a laundry room on-site, in which case it was a matter of machines being free. If you had no laundry in the building, then it was a haul of all your things to the nearest laundromat. Fortunately, you live in a home with laundry accessible at all times. That alone doesn’t make this domestic drudgery any better. But you do retain the ability to remodel your laundry facilities to work most efficiently for you, and design a more pleasant atmosphere than the cold industrial feel of the laundromat. Here are our top five ideas for inspiring your laundry room renovation.

Renovating? Relocate.
If you want to completely overhaul your laundry room situation, consider moving it to a different part of your home. To do this in the most cost effective way, look at your plumbing. If you can move your machines into another room where water lines already exist, it becomes far easier and less expensive than adding plumbing to a room where it doesn’t already run, such as closets or bedrooms.

You can, however, tack a little laundry moment into the pantry off to the side of your kitchen. Lots of wasted space in your guest bathroom? Add some hook-ups for the washer and dryer. If you have a mudroom near an existing waterline, this is a prime spot for laundry; you can toss in a load before leaving the house, or as soon as you get home from your latest sporting event or the gym. Multifunctional rooms on trend, use some sort of masking (like a closet, or dividing wall) to keep from actually airing your dirty laundry when guests are over.

Invest In Your Machines
Unless you have a brand new washer and dryer already, you don’t want to be without this essential equipment in a model that works best for you. If you’re limited in space, check out your stacked options. If you have back problems, spring for the pedestal/accessory drawers which have the bonus feature of extra storage. When you can, choose the front loading washer. The tilt of the drum allows it to spin more water from your clothes so they come out damp and not wet. The dryer your clothes are going into the dryer, the less time (and energy) it takes to dry them.

Useful Accessories
This is, after all, a room of utility. If you’ve got the space to make your laundry into a one-stop-shop room, build a fully functional and efficient home laundromat for yourself. Folding table/station. Drying rack. Steam closet. Supplies storage. Ironing board. Work sink. Add whatever will make your work easier. Even if you have a smaller or combo space, you can manage these frills. A folding table that folds up when you need it and down when you don’t. Same concept, only for a drying rack. If you’re using counter space for your folding table, clear out the underneath space to store your laundry baskets. One for every load, eliminating the need to sort. Mask them with a simple rod and curtain.

Build In Storage
Even if you have the pedestal/added storage accessories with your washer and dryer, you can still (and should) build additional storage into your design. In a mudroom combo, adding a seat for taking off shoes, cubbies for those shoes, hooks for hats and coats, and closet space for seasonal gear neatly designates the entrance/exit section of the room, while a cabinet encasing your washer and dryer cleverly lays out laundry land.

Fill It With Joy
Now for the fun part. Decorating! As we’ve discussed, laundry is a boring, boring job. But alas, it must be done. At least design a room that is beautiful and inviting. Whether that means an invigorating environment to keep you from falling asleep or a serene space to calm your senses as you shift easily into autopilot. It isn’t just the color of paint you choose, either. Materials from the floor to ceiling should flow with the rest of your home’s design, while encapsulating the perfect atmosphere where you perform the most mundane of tasks.