The she shed is no longer an oasis for crafty ladies and their thousand homemade wreaths for every week of the year. No, no, no, no. The She Shed deserve credit for all that she does and all the possible ways she can improve your home life. Don’t believe us? Well, let’s see if we can’t turn that furrowed frown upside down and shed some fetching light on this marvelous home addition.

What’s The Purpose?

Pretty much anything you can think of, really. Yes, there is the obvious cave of craft supplies that the name evokes. But let’s not limit ourselves so soon. Oh, no. The She Shed (don’t mind us constantly referring to it as such, it just rolls off the tongue too easily) can fit your needs whatever they may be. Why’s that? Well, it’s a stand-alone structure that sits away from the house. Since it isn’t connected to the main house, it is automatically an easier endeavor than adding on or converting an existing space of your home. You’re starting from scratch. The foundation doesn’t have to match what’s already laid – and settled – and it can be built to specs. 

The only real requirement for a She Shed is that the finished exterior compliments the style of the main house. If you can make it an exact match, then power to you. But if you live in an older house and find that adding a separate structure is more cost effective, chances of getting materials that match perfectly are slim. You have freedom in every step of the process to create a new space that meets your needs and your style, just the way you want it. No compromises.

Oh, The Possibilities

So what exactly will you turn this freestanding little house into? If you want room for your guests, you could create a cozy studio with a private bathroom, and little kitchenette so guests can make tea, coffee, and simple meals without needing to trek across the yard to nosh. They’re still close to you, but have their own little slice of private paradise. When you don’t have friends staying over to occupy your tiny house, you can look into renting it out as an Air B&B; just be sure to check zoning laws and restrictions with your local government. 

More and more folks are working remotely these days. It’s inevitable with the advent of home based businesses and developments in technology and communications. That said, while you no longer have to suffer a work commute, working from home means you never leave the house. This can create a little bit of unrest with your mind; it becomes increasingly hard to separate work life from home and family life. Using the She Shed as the new location for your home office gives you just the right amount of space between the two worlds. You can leave your work at the door of your separate home office when the day is done, and you’re no more than a few yards from the comforts of home. 

And of course, whether you need a wall of cubbies for all the beads and string you use to make your one-of-a-kind bracelets and bookmarks, or your hobbies include more woodworking; an artist or craftsperson of any sort can greatly benefit from a separate space for working. It’s a sort of known fact that creative people (whatever the medium) create better when there’s a little bit of chaos to their environment. Meaning, that messes don’t inhibit them, they actually leave the door open for creative juices to flow. This is all well and good. Even better since you can leave the mess outside of the house in this She Shed, and never have to worry about getting your art studio into a clean, presentable room for guests to avoid or traipse through. 

Ultimately, if you have the land and a lot of ambition, choosing to erect a new structure, separate from your house, can lower the overall cost of construction, especially compared to additions or conversions. You have all the freedom in the world from dimensions to materials and purpose. Call it what you like, but the She Shed is the greatest thing since sliced bread.